Your business has a social media marketing problem

Social media marketing is an inevitable aspect of the digital marketing world. It forms one of the foundational bases of creating and sharing content in order to achieve the ultimate brand marketing goals. Going ahead in 2021 and beyond, social media will become the top platform for purchase instead of just discovery. Despite businesses generating an immense amount of content, there has been a need to integrate authentic social media strategy. The gap is leading to low customer engagement.

Why does the problem exist?

Not identifying the correct platform

38% of businesses use LinkedIn to push their social media marketing efforts. The number rises to 50% for Twitter and 65% for Instagram. However, in comparison, only 6%, 22% and 41%  of consumers use the platforms to follow brands — respectively. This means that businesses need to analyze and determine the platforms that are most bankable.

Need for platform-specific approach

The response you receive for a post on Twitter may be completely different than what you get on Instagram. Channel-specific social media activities combined with relevant content creation help in building a meaningful connection with your target audience across various social media networking sites.

Difficulty in understanding the target audience

Businesses often create content first and figure out the target audience later. There has been a misconception that great content converts, even if it is not targeted. In reality, great content may increase social media engagement, but it might not be successful in generating leads if it is not customized for your audience.

Ineffective social media strategy

Budget limitations lead businesses to take support from free software like Canva to create a design language for their social media marketing. This is making businesses lose their authentic brand personality on social media. A robust social media strategy can help prevent marketing mistakes.

Decline in organic reach

Organic reach is declining across various channels. Simultaneously, the cost of paid social media campaigns is increasing. Brands are struggling to strike a balance between their budget and their brand marketing goals.

Overdoing with content

Posting content more than needed appears like a spam to your audience. This means they will stop following you. There is a serious need to find the harmony between creating quality and quantity in social media advertising.

Lack of consistency

Brands face different challenges in their day-to-day operations when it comes to brand marketing. This indicates that the right tools are not being leveraged. Hence, here rises the need to tap into the social media marketing tools to stay consistent and come up with great ideas in time.

This Genie is different

A businessman named Aladdin was running a successful business before the pandemic with his focus only on increasing sales. Not to mention, he achieved great leads through traditional marketing. But when his business was hit by the pandemic, he realized the need to have a digital presence. He thought of taking a miracle help from Genie and asked him to fulfill his wish.

And that’s when Genie snapped him with the hyper-reality. He told him to build authentic brand communication with his customers for his products/services instead of just plainly asking them to buy. Genie made Aladdin realize the need to nurture an emotional connection with his audience in order to retain them even when the market is down.

Taking advantage of this scenario, brands can cope up with any kind of crisis. Leveraging the expertise of a social media agency, brands can enhance their social media engagement. As a result, consumers don’t just stay in touch with products and services, they establish a strong bond with the brand.

How can you solve the problem with us?

Social Media Strategy

Thorough industry research and competitive analysis are the linchpins of an effective social media strategy.

Planning and executing the crucial points like budgeting, design resources (verbal and visual communication), brand marketing goals, and time management of postings help in reaching the target audience at the right time and place.

Channel-Specific Social Media Services

Platform-specific social media services begins with understanding your audience on a personal level and not just by demographics.

This calls for analyzing each channel individually, followed by looking at them together for a more cohesive snapshot of who you are reaching to. It also finds if you are missing your target audience.

Everything comes together with the collaborative efforts.

Brand Messaging

Visual and verbal communication bridge the uncertainty gap between you and your audience.

If done in a cohesive manner, authentic and transparent brand messaging can increase social media engagement and can convert your audience into customers.

Social Media Marketing Calendar

Working and planning the content strategy, creation, and distribution schedule in advance is the best possible method to accomplish business goals.

Social media advertising (Organic postings are also a way of FREE* advertisement) strictly requires consistency in postings. This means the content, creatives, and the full-proof strategy must be in place. This ensures all the professionals involved in taking the task to its destination can work effectively in synergy with better time management.

*Organic postings are free, but you need to liberate a cheap bit of your almighty dollar to pay for social media agency services.

Monitoring Social Media Insights

It is vital to monitor your social media marketing performance.

How is your strategy working? Is your posting working in the way it should? How is your audience interacting with you through each platform? Monitoring provides answers to these questions and more and helps you to determine the social media strategy you need for your next month’s calendar. Social media optimization is a game of experimentation where you need to test, analyze, and perform accordingly.

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

After this call, you will get a clear understanding of the next steps that you need to take in order to build consistent communication & reliable marketing strategies.

This call is perfect for professionals who want to,

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