Your business has a content marketing problem.

Your brand’s content marketing efforts start from strategy development and content creation to content distribution. Every step in this process is taken to attract more website traffic, generate quality leads, accelerate SEO performance, improve brand reputation, and eventually achieve more customer engagement and brand loyalty. Yet, in the end, the content posting is high and quality leads are dropping.

Why does the problem exist?

Lack of human-focused content

While creating content, brands fail to understand that they are not just writing for search engines, but more importantly for humans. For any content collateral such as an advertising campaign, there is a serious need to provide a viable solution to your target audience.

Lack of long-term thinking

The content creation efforts are highly based on short-term marketing strategies that are impatiently designed to obtain quick results. Unfortunately, you will also find a content marketing company in India walking the same path. Here serious necessity for a comprehensive long-term content marketing strategy rises.

Lack of Clarity

Brands face a lack of clarity between informative and decision-making content. A successful content strategy is based on a specific user persona, target audience, keyword research, and buyer’s journey.

Focus only on viral content

There is an increased focus on viral hits and not on conversion rates that determine business growth. Instead of keeping a goal to publish viral content, the aim should be solving problems, serving customers, and not chasing social media trends.

Lack of consistency

According to research, 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content marketing strategy that drives failures. Investing the right amount of time in fueling regular marketing efforts leads to the growth of predictable traffic that can bring stability to your business.

Deficient content strategy

Group-specific content creation takes a back seat as brands aim to serve everyone. There is a need to focus on discovering your core audience. An impersonal approach to your target audience results in generating 0% value to anyone and everyone. This indicates a deficient content strategy that needs to be nourished with the specific solution of making your audience informed and educated.

Lack of content diversity

53% of marketers in a survey say that blogging is at the top of their content strategy priority list. However, a one-angle focus on blogging leads to making the brand blind from many vital and efficient channels where your target audience is active. Random content distributions bring 0% results even if they have technical SEO integrated.

Resources constraints

Even after having a thorough knowledge of how a content marketing strategy is executed, limited resources prove to be tremendous drivers of marketing planning failures.

Don't be a Tom for your business. Don't build a mousetrap for your audience.

Winning content marketing is a game of patience. It might take longer to catch any search engine’s eye. And you may also need to spend more money during this period.

Logically, you can’t wait forever to achieve the results and you have no choice but to enter the content marketing world. Because that’s where the game is on.

So, what should you do?

Don’t build a mousetrap for your audience. Instead, provide them value and everyone would like to come back to you without asking.

How can you solve the problem with us?

Content Strategy

We apply a healthy dose of logic, creativity, and communication to plan a content strategy that doesn’t mention your business too many times.

The top-of-the-sales content marketing funnel begins with the identification of the right SEO keywords that drive sufficient website traffic that is relevant and related to your business. We do not engage in “we are great” type brand messaging. Instead, we support “we believe we can really help you” type messaging.

System for Execution

In-depth and to-the-point research is the key to creating content that is king. We majorly focus on research and plan our execution accordingly.

Content distribution and execution can be the cup of tea for any B2C or B2B content marketing company. But we emphasize brand communication that comes first of all. Out of each content publishing, we ensure the content matches your brand personality which also improves the brand’s visibility and catches audience attention.

Everything comes together with the collaborative efforts.

Content Calendar

How many pieces of content will you create per month? What kind of results do you expect when the consumers consume the content?

This can’t be guesswork. This first step to content creation requires clarity. To create and distribute the content, we plan a weekly calendar in Notion. The  platform provides a transparent window into how we take your content marketing efforts forward with systematic and structured planning. The content calendar enables us to structure your content around the relevant topics and SEO keywords and helps in accomplishing content goals with consistency.

Consistency & Commitment

According to the latest research, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.

And we constantly take inspiration from the industry leaders, stay in the loop and keep up with our commitment to deliver optimum creative solutions to brands.

Content Marketing Performance Measurement

The most successful marketers invest 40% of their total marketing budget in content marketing.

Measuring the efforts is a critical milestone that guides your business to further realize its potential. We identify key metrics to track, measure, and optimize efforts.

Content marketing is a long-term strategic approach to improving brand positioning and earning trust. Most businesses that begin with content marketing eventually give up midway. Content marketing compounds over time. It takes a bit of waiting time to beat the competition and see traffic growth.

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

After this call, you will get a clear understanding of the next steps that you need to take in order to build consistent communication & reliable marketing strategies.

This call is perfect for professionals who want to,

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  • Work with an agency that doesn't give fake promises.