Your business has a brand management problem.

Brands are failing to connect on a deeper, more emotional level making the consumers feel the dire need. The Drum’s research of 2017 uncovered facts at different age groups. 78% of people felt brands never connect emotionally. The figure rose to 87% when it came to people over 45 years.

Why does the problem exist?

The necessity of a new age change

In this digital age, consumers are closer to brands than ever before. Getting a plethora of information about brands is a matter of a few clicks. The outdated decade-old DTC (Direct-to-Customer) approach is no more the way to reach your audience. This means reimagining the value you are delivering to your customers.

Lack of empathy & consistency

Post-pandemic global research by PWC reveals that customers' buying habits are becoming more volatile. Owing to the sudden uncertainties across the globe, the consumer mindset is taking a sharp turn. This calls for rethinking brand management to address the needs.

Poor understanding of customer experience

Misunderstanding consumers’ silence or the absence of negative feedback as a sign of satisfaction can be detrimental. A recent PWC report finds that 1 in 3 customers leave a brand they love after only one bad experience.

Unreal celebrity endorsements

Brand marketing influence is highly age-sensitive. Generation Y are extremely savvy towards marketing strategies and can see right through a celebrity endorsement that is not adding any real value to that brand proposition. The Drum’s survey finds that 16% of Gen Z, 11% of Gen Y, and only 1% aged above 55 believe celebrities have an influence on them.

Underestimating word of mouth

Family and friends have the biggest influence on a customer’s purchase decision. It is a final call for the brands to stop wasting resources on programs that are not really making the mark. Even today, the old-fashioned word of mouth is the king.

The sad girl and the boy who rescued her

The story begins when a girl, sad and anxious, is sitting on a garden bench. The first boy comes to her asking why is she sad? She is silent. The second boy comes with flowers. She doesn’t like it. The third boy comes with a chocolate. She refuses it. The fourth boy cracks a joke to bring a smile to her face. She is annoyed. The fifth boy comes and gives her a hug. She loves it.

Different brands reach their customers in different ways. But those who know how to build a trusting relationship win the battle. We treat your brand management as the living entity that aligns with the target audience's needs and passion points.

How the Brand Management should actually be?

Holding on to the legacy system of brand management is no longer the path to healthy business growth. You need to make a permanent shift in how your business is measured in terms of performance. And that is how businesses can stay ahead in the brand engagement competition.

Legacy System

PulsAero's System

How can you solve the problem with us?

We prepare a growth bucket for your business by devising a customer-oriented, relevant, and consistent brand management strategy. We begin filling this bucket until it is full — up to brand loyalty and brand extension.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the knowledge your target audience has about your company.

This quality of making people familiar with your business crucially determines the level of brand engagement you can achieve with your products and services.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation is the perception your target audience has of the character, status, and quality of your business.

External factors such as news, current events, trends have a considerable influence on it. To name a few, influencers, journalists, and social media users affect virtually every narrative. But brand reputation management can take control of everything and communicate value and build brand loyalty with your audience, customers, followers, and fans.

Brand Loyalty

Consistent brand management nurtures brand loyalty among customers who become lifelong advocates of your business. Years ago customer service was the key to establishing a relationship.

With the rise of digital space, consistent and more humanized verbal communication, and visual communication are equally important to foster a trustful relationship that keeps your customers coming back to you for purchase. According to 2020 statistics from Renderforest, 74% of customers grow loyal to a brand after regularly interacting with their online content.

Everything comes together with the collaborative efforts.

Brand Guidelines

A brand guideline is a practice of documenting relevant visual aspects and design elements from the usage perspective and ensuring they are used appropriately across all touchpoints.

The best brand guidelines are an implementable tool enabling every stakeholder to exercise their creativity following defined parameters of the brand essence. The complex process ensures a consistent showcase of your organization across different digital marketing channels as well as different offline markets.

Vision & Mission

A brand’s vision and mission provide it the road and the destination it aspires to achieve now and in the future.

Both vision and mission statements are essential to ensure it acts as a guiding light for your employees and partners — and as resonating energy for your customers. More so, it acts as the accelerator of your advertising campaigns.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the commercial value that a business obtains from customer experience and perceptions of a product or service.

Consumers purchase from companies in which they have confidence and that provide consistent value. Brand management determines brand equity that enables a valuable companies to increase its merit among investors, shareholders, and potential customers. Maintaining brand equity requires a comprehensive understanding of the business, its target market, and the company's overall vision.

Brand Extension

A brand extension is the launch of a new product or a new product category under the parent company. Using the already established brand equity of the parent company helps in a successful launch.

This further can support your business positioning in the new category. Brand extensions can also be the catalyzer of creating a greater sense of customer loyalty for the business.

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