The battle for creativity & logic begins.

For this battle we have created two separate versions of the same copy written in different styles. Message us which one do you like better.

Brand marketing or direct marketing?

Brand marketing begins with a story that helps your audience understand your brand, build connection and relive it in their memories. It’s a lifetime effort of establishing meaningful relationships that stay with them. They start to believe in you as “It’s Superman...or...It’s Batman!!"

Whereas direct marketing, a one-off effort to promote products/services does not have the capability to stay there with your target audience - always. It only involves actions set to achieve short-term goals such as a direct sales pitch or digital marketing campaigns. So, do you wish to become ‘the best friend’ or just ‘a friend?’ Get it?

Are you in search of a brand manager?

Well, we don’t literally mean a ‘brand manager’ here, but a brand management strategy. That’s your ideal 24/7 manager who will take care of your business beginning from crafting the perfect brand personality to online lead generation. It’s not just about caring but also constant business growth!

Touching the wrong audience?

Having a loyal tribal community for your brand means your customers rave you and they keep coming back to you on an ongoing basis. If you are missing this or touching the wrong audience, then you need a powerful brand personality with clear visual communication, verbal communication, and content marketing strategy.

Ask any expert B2C or B2B lead generation agency, and they will tell you this!

Recession, economic crisis, uncertainty?

Your strong brand positioning efforts carve your distinctive image in the mind of your target audience. It tells them why you are different from others. And when any kind of uncertainty or crisis hits, they will surely come to your products and services. Because they already knew you well!

This counts even today when your brand is endeavoring to rise in the eyes of your audience beyond the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Did you miss monitoring your true digital marketing performance?

You might not have missed monitoring your digital marketing performance. But you may be doing it completely wrong. Measuring likes, comments, shares are valid only in certain scenarios when you need to scale brand engagement rates, for instance.

The primary metric that helps a business in establishing a long-term relationship with a customer comes from measuring customer lifetime value (CLTV). This metric plays an instrumental role in understanding your customers and the value they bring to your business.

It is the ultimate metric to generate future value through brand marketing initiatives. There are subtle yet essential things and thousand others that you might not be tracking.

Once upon a time...

  • Direct Marketing Brand Marketing is the hero your business deserves
  • So we'll hunt him because he can take it.
  • He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A marketing genius

Not just a fancy Brand Manager!

  • One small step in improving your brand messaging, one gigantic leap for customer experience
  • Baby steps of managing your brand by a creative communication agency give giant results for your business

Don't serve touch-me-nots of the world, find sunflowers!

  • Be the missing piece of the puzzle for your customer
  • Give them the breathing space to discover you

The show must go on!

  • Change is the only constant, but your core must not be
  • COVID-19 changed our philosophies for good
  • Let's stick with it for the next 10 years and grow

Things behind the closed curtains

  • Performance doesn't come from looking at lap times
  • True performance lies in the intangible world of the unknown
  • Quantum where two things can exist at the same time, something like that sh*t

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