Building Digital Interface for WeHear

After the Strategy, Identity & Packaging of WeHear, now was the time to work on taking the brand into the world of the Internet. Working closely with the Development team of WeHear, we were able to achieve the Website and Mobile Application that is available on Andriod & iOS natively. The features integrated with the mobile application and the patent-pending PHI algorithm is the first step in improving the Ear Health.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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Wireframing Website

Initializing with getting the structure right, the designers at PulsAero took the knowledge about the user study during the Discovery round to great use as they built the whole experience to keep them at the center of all. After the iterative changes, we had a solid base to start the development process.

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Prototyping / Staging Website

Getting things developed and taking it to staging is like seeing the finish line but yet reaching there. Prototyping can take as little as days or months depending on the speed, functionality, and bug fixing. As we had a solid built on our local servers, taking the site to the staging and making the changes was hassle-free as we were able to get all things ready within a week.

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Final Testing & Going Live with Website

Making the call and going live is one of the easiest and most daunting tasks in the world. As many last minutes bugs show up, out of nowhere, and we need to fix them overnight to make the website ready to be presentable to our client. The e-commerce functionality with all the analysis, basic SEO, tracking links, everything was tested. The website was made live when the client said yes.

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Wireframing App

As the chapter of Website was closed, the long-awaited development of the Mobile app began. (In reality, both were being handled side-by-side.) We went through the wireframing stage where it took nearly a month to figure what flow would work best for the users. Each page, button, and section were neatly crafted to reflect the personality of WeHear's new Identity.

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Prototyping / Staging App

Taking to the staging after months of development was already done. We could now work on the minute details like interactions and animations. The staging app was still crashing. It took another couple of weeks to get it from Alpha to Beta Testing.

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Final Testing & Going Live App

During Beta testing, a few experts tested out the freshly built app and provided us with real-time feedback to make the changes. Well, after a few Beta versions, the client was fully satisfied with the results that we provided after long hours of hard work.

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Building a Digital Interface for WeHear took a long time to finish but eventually, it came to its conclusion where we could proudly present it to the world. In the process of developing Identity and Packaging for WeHear, minimal and contemporary approach was explored to make the brand look aesthetically and functionally strong. But now it has evolved to web and mobile app interfaces. Want to learn more about how we launched it - Click Here.