Identity for India's First Open Ear Headphones

Bringing this product to the market for the first time was a tough and exciting challenge that we faced during the creation of WeHear - Hearing Solutions branding. The brand needed a bold statement to stand out and an identity to compete in a marketplace that is non-existing in the Indian Market. Despite all the challenges, WeHear's identity reflected the same. But before everything, we needed to understand the brand and its users.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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The discovery round is where we start our project, getting a one-on-one conversation with the client. In the meeting, we understood the product and its USPs. Also, we explored the brand attributes that defined their brand. Alongside it, we started understanding the target market and built out a basic user persona which got further refined after the meeting.

The meeting provided a lot of clarity to us as well as to our client. We shared all that information with our Creative team and started the exploration phase. We came up with 3 user personas based on the intense research conducted internally.

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The exploration phase begins with the stylescapes. This process helps our client and us to be on the same page when we are talking about identity. For WeHear, we created stylescapes based on the user personas we discussed during the discovery round. The stylescapes were named - Minty Misty, Mr. Visionary, Alone Ashish. The client went for the vibrant Minty Misty stylescape which reflected the elegance through its colors.

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Once the direction was finalized, the typography exploration began. It needed to be techy enough to reflect it as a tech company and trustworthy enough to solve some of the ear health issues. Finally, we picked the "Azonix" typeface to be our winner after a long iteration with the client to find the perfect balance.

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Color Palette

As the stylescape of Minty Misty reflected the vibrancy in colors, we needed to explore and finalize a color palette that is bold yet timeless. The color reflected the personality of the brand and it needed to be up to the mark. Finally, we narrowed down our search to a Triadic color combination of Orange, Magenta, & Purple. The three colors being the highlighting point of the whole identity made the WeHear brand stand out from the crowd.

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After the finalization of the Logo, the brand required other collaterals to bind seamlessly with the new identity of WeHear. The execution and application of WeHear throughout the digital and physical world needed to be cohesive with one another. Every aspect of the brand needed to breathe the spirit of Tridaic colors and we call it "Hearing Ring" providing the 360 surrounding awareness to the users.

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The end is never the end without highlight the key takeaway from the identity process. A brand becoming India's first company to bring open ear headphone technology to the market. As extraordinary as the product is, so does the brand identity reflecting the power of the product to life with its sleek and modern typography combined with a mark that wraps around the colors of boldness. The whole identity reflecting the personality of the brand, WeHear that truly is.

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