Scale Beyond Scale



Built a healthy interface

With brand identity accomplished, now Scale Beyond Scale needed a strong online presence that could unite all its services under one umbrella. For Tehzeeb Lalani, who was setting the new standards for nutrition, the user interface and user experience had to be empowering. Hence, PulsAero team moved ahead to incorporate the healthy aspects into the creation of a custom-built Webflow website. We strongly believe in Webflow as the next-gen website development platform. It facilitates brands with 100% customizable CMS and a powerful web design in a 100% visual canvas.

Our first step to development began with applying the initial discovery for the brand identity as the foundation for the interface.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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At the structural level, we started designing the website. The content and functionality on every page were laid out by taking the user persona and user journeys into account. Then we connected the site’s information architecture to its visual design by showing paths between pages. Our team created a number of custom field data attributes across different pages including the Home page and Blog page. The next step was to logically position all the buttons and menus in place. This brought clarity to how the information hierarchy of our design will be experienced by the user on the site.

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Prototyping & Staging

While wireframing provides the basic layout and structural guidelines, prototyping takes us further into visual details and interactions. This is the core practical stage that pulls all the elements into the real-world-like mechanism. It called for an extensive team effort from designers to developers involved in crafting a healthy interface. In addition, the all-new information architecture and web design needed to improve the overall flow of website traffic to and between these valuable resources. This stage was driven towards understanding how a user will interact with the overall interface. Everything from function, visitor flow to user experience was optimized.

From the visual’s perspective, we introduced Cheerful Yellow as a new color for the website. Along with Natural Mint, Subtle Pink & White, the combination evoked an inviting feeling.

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Webflow CMS Development

CMS enables the structuring of the content types that need to be published over and over again. These primarily include blog posts, course descriptions, and testimonials. Our web developer created the content by combining the modular fields. And then our designer determined how all the items must look and feel on the site. Considering the brand guidelines, the web design was crafted with uncrowded photographs and lots of space. This balanced the volume of copy with attractive visuals. The new palette of natural, friendly, and warm colors bestowed the pages with very vibrant vibes.

For our client, we developed bespoke content editing controls to ensure that she was able to quickly and efficiently add content without a single line of complex code.

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Final Testing & Going Live

Before we went into the final testing, we had a sharp observation of the visual elements of the design. From the perfect logo sizing and photo positioning to font sizes on the call to action, everything was checked. It’s these minute details that either give a delightful or annoying experience to the users. Hence, a running list of edits and adjustments assures everything is resolved before the website goes live. As SBS is a nutrition website, special attention was given to every nutritional information on every page including the SBS course details. Lastly, coming to functionality, we verified all links were working and relevant meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords were included. We had our entire PulsAero team involved in analyzing the details and inconsistencies that we may have missed. After stringent stages of testing, the website went live as per the scheduled date.

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Today, Scale Beyond Scale stands as a healthy website. By ‘healthy’ we mean the website is working in line with the interests of the target audience. The brand communication and messaging are smoothly conveyed to the visitors across each page. The website is also search-friendly meaning that someone searching for nutrition, food, and lifestyle can find the relevant information here easily.

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