Scale Beyond Scale



Rebranded the identity that restored trust in food, nutrition, and lifestyle

Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) is the brainchild of Tehzeeb Lalani, an unconventional nutritionist, based in Mumbai, India, with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University. She entered the public health arena with her mission ‘Scale Beyond Scale’ created with a vision to help individuals realize and experience self-confidence and self-worth beyond the numbers on the weighing scale. With a thriving Nutrition and Entrepreneurship career traversing 7+ years, she has been redefining health for individuals without diets, obsessions, and guilts. With this quirky yet dynamic approach, she has transformed health and lifestyle for 300+ clients across 5 continents and in over 10+ cities in India.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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PulsAero team began the initial discovery phase by getting a firm grasp on Scale Beyond Scale’s brand purpose. Several zoom meetings with Tehzeeb provided us deep insights into what were her vision, mission, and values concerning her brand. We kickstarted our strategy building sessions by defining the right target market. We took a deep plunge into identifying the right target audience in terms of various aspects such as demographics, age group, lifestyle habits, and more. After complete research, we discovered the user persona that needed precisely what SBS has to offer. Taking help from the user persona, we moved on to gather the keywords. After gathering data, filtering, and sorting, we rounded off six keywords: Energetic, Welcoming, Empowered, Joyful, Personable, Social.  Based on these brand attributes, we started reestablishing the visual brand identity.

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The first design asset we explored was the typography. The existing brand identity had Futura PT Light as the font. This font family showcases fun filled and friendly vibes so we kept it as it is. However, for the SBS website and social media channels we created the typography style and introduced ‘Beauty City’ as the next official font. This handwritten font looks charming with a cool and welcoming feel. Being an apt font for a healthcare brand, our client finalized it.

Color Palette

The existing identity looked stale with the brand name in black placed on a subtle pink background. The visuals lacked the color palette that could communicate the brand’s goal. It was more inclined towards the feminine side with little traces of a nutrition brand. Hence, we explored the colors that can align with the brand heart and elicit the emotions of Scale Beyond Scale. We came up with the Natural Mint hue as the primary color. And to escape the dullness, the brand name in the black shade was placed on an energetic white base. And in turn, the white was rested on the wider Natural Mint backdrop. The final result was a clean and all-embracing identity that had the unisexual feel and the taste of a nutritionist’s brand. Now, the color palette honestly conveyed the aspects of a nutrition brand.

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When the brand identity was up to par, PulsAero team’s next task was to analyze its scalability and flexibility across various media. Hence, we checked the logo’s impression on several custom templates including merchandise, letterhead, stamp, and business card. At this stage, we ensured that the identity remains substantial both online as well as offline.

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After a clear-cut execution of the logo across various channels, we were finally ready with the brand identity. By keeping the emphasis on simplicity and memorability, the visual identity geared towards its target audience. Scale Beyond Scale’s Tehzeeb Lalani was happy with the cohesive and consistent brand identity that readily enabled the audience to connect with the brand.

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