Creating The Interface That Provides A Replenishing Experience

After the brand identity was in place, we moved ahead to build the interface for Revive. With the vision, values, and goals of Dr. Shilpa, the website needed to be appealing to a broad spectrum of audiences. Giving equal importance, we also had to highlight her passion and unconventional approach to health and wellness. We endeavored into building a website that reflects the brand architecture as well as becomes a holistic health portal for families. Thus began our first action phase. We took the initial discovery for the Brand Identity as the basis for anticipating user needs. Keeping user experience at the heart of every step, we began developing the website content.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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Transitioning from the theoretical efforts to the practical phase, we began developing a number of wireframes. We compiled everything from the color schemes, logo designs to page layout, content, and navigational systems. The final hi-fidelity design served us as the visual guide in the right direction. More importantly, it helped our creative & development team to stay on the same page.

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Prototyping / Staging

As wireframing is the outline, the initial point in the practical phase, things started becoming more evident and clear during prototyping. It took a great team effort with content curators, designers, and developers working to create a user-friendly website. All efforts were directed towards optimizing user experience, function, visitor flow, and customer’s journey.

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Custom CMS Development

We had it in mind that a well-designed website is much more than just aesthetics. From the website architecture perspective, a lot of planning had to go into technical elements. We dig into clearly defining site goals and site scope. Then encompassed per page URL for tracking and SEO purpose; clear call to action; a CMS that enables the creation of referral codes that customize as per the user’s journey on site.

Practicing the critical behaviors of users, we developed a knowledge library providing easy access to Holistic Health Therapy, Innovative Health Recipes, Staying Fit Tips, and more. Along with the representation of a broad range of services and testimonials, the entire knowledge library was shown dynamically on the home page. This is one of the most efficient ways of building a website. In our case, it was ready to impress search engines and translate visitors into customers. The result was highly integrated, intuitive, and seamless which enables users to move easily from one offering to another.

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Final Testing & Going Live

This final stage of testing and making the website live was both exciting and daunting. This is the stage when PulsAero had to pay keen attention to every minute detail. It was like the more active the eagle’s eye, the better. Beginning from testing to confirming its SSL Certificate to reviewing site content everything was at its place before the launch date. Not to mention, during ticking the website launch checklist we faced a little bit of a hitch. But we were prepared to fix the last-minute bugs and errors. The final result was worth the effort.

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Now, the Revive - Health & Wellness website design is a robust digital asset, providing a frictionless experience to the users, driving leads, and conversions through intuitive navigation. The strengthened user experience accomplishes its essential goal: making it silky-smooth for customers to find what they want. Whether it's a health and wellness knowledge library or the services - the new site structure and its capabilities facilitate an appealing hub for the growth of Dr.Shilpa’s online community. Added elevation of brand storytelling provides additional trust and credibility for the growing Revive Brand.

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