Identity That Ensures Holistic Health & Wellness

Dr. Shilpa Talati is an expert holistic health coach based out of Ahmedabad - better known as “the best doctor in town” by her happy customers. After 25+ years of service with only what nature has to offer, she ventured into the virtual world. But she sensed her brand wasn’t emerging out of the vast ocean of activity online - where she could inspire and help people get on the right health track. That’s when she approached PulsAero seeking a brand identity that instills positivity and confidence towards self-healing.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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To discover the brand identity that reflects Dr. Shilpa’s values and services, we ventured into the initial discovery phase. Our first meeting unfolded the significance of her services and the related USPs. Then we went on to dig out the brand attributes that represent the brand. The subsequent sessions comprised intensive market and customer research. Based on the research we built the user personas that completely resonate with the brand. With collaborative efforts, we selected the most powerful user persona that started as the foundation of our creative team’s exploration phase.

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The first round in the exploration phase is the development of stylescapes that are a collation of images, design, colors, and patterns. This helps us and our client to preview the visual direction. As a part of our service, we created three stylescapes representing Modern Mansi, Bubbly Bhumi, and Mr. Sharma. Dr Shilpa selected Bubbly Bhumi’s stylescape that evoked a vibrant, happy, and soothing feeling.

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Once the stylecape was finalized we headed towards exploring the typeface and fonts. These were required to look minimalistic, familiar, and clear. The final pick was Montserrat as the typeface and Montserrat Regular & Montserrat Bold as the font. This type has beautiful curves and rounded corners that make it apt for both traditional and modern websites. The client finalized it as it is one of the most used types on the web - after a series of iterations to find the perfect one.

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Color Palette

The finalized Bubbly Bhumi stylescape comprised vibrant, happy, and soothing colors. Based on the client’s pick we went on to explore a blend of colors that resonated with the brand personality. Towards the end of color exploration, we brought together four colors throwing different vibes. But together, they evoked a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and care. These four official colors of Revive include Timeless Cyan, the primary color, and Origin Orange, Life Shadow, and Muted Mint as the secondary colors.

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When the discovery and the core identity were up to the mark, we stepped up to find the right way to communicate on the traditional and the digital level. At this stage, extra efforts were put in to ensure the brand identity remains influential on both grounds. We visualized the identity on different traditional media including hoardings. In the end, all the elements were brought on the same page in order to ensure they serve to Revive as the competitive advantage.

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Taking a vivid system of graphic expression, we introduced Revive into the online world. To communicate high-performance, we emphasized the brand voice and intellectual, visual contrast. It had to be a branding that influences emotion, thought, and, eventually, perception. The color associations we used portrayed Revive’s brand value, benefits, and attributes. The result was a strong, defined, and influential presence.

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