Khet Direct



Created the Digital Storefront for Khet Direct

The key focus for any online business is for them to fully represent their Brand on Digital Platforms as they are in the real world. So when it came to building a Digital storefront for Khet Direct, we took it as a challenge to fully represent it in a way as you would be shopping it offline. The PulsAero team went on and started understanding the user flows, user checkout journey, and the whole user experience.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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In the beginning stage, we built a few wireframes to test our understanding from the exploration. After the iterative processes, we reached a point where the website started to come alive, and every piece came together to create a cohesive experience.

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Prototyping / Staging

During the prototype stage, many things went haywire, and we felt many things weren't performing as per expectations. But we didn't leave things there and found the solution to represent the packs in a fluidic manner and still flexible enough that the website remains scalable when other brand starts collaborating with us. Nothing seemed overcrowded. The preemptive built is indeed a successful built.

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Custom CMS Development

The Digital Storefront was now well made, but without strong backend support, the store wouldn't be able to handle a load of orders that the predictions suggested. So, we started building scripts to automate everything and make the experience hassle-free in the backend as well. With the endless efforts of our Development Team at PulsAero, we were able to develop such a holistic system.

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Final Testing & Going Live

After everything was fixed and tested, we needed to go live and launch the whole thing. Integrations needed to work perfectly, and the experience needed to be seamless. had its ups and downs while fixing the SSL certification, database integration through API, or getting the automation to work. Everything seemed tough at that time, but everything came out well.

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