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Built Packaging for a series of Subscription Packs

Packaging of a brand defines the whole brand in one go. Khet Direct's Packaging approach was very precise as we needed to emphasize the subscription model. Each product was to be designed in a way to solve a particular problem. We made it fairly simple in just a few steps.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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Packs Naming

A subscription-based vegetable delivery service requires a unique and bold value proposition for the customer to even consider buying the first pack. As simple as it sounds, it looked that way during the exploration. Each pack name had to be memorable and distinguishable from the other. So after long in-house exploration sessions at PulsAero, we came up with these names.

  • Full Farm Pack - Veggies For Main Course Recipes
  • Antioxidant Pack - Farm’s Best To Detoxify Your Body
  • High Five Pack - Handpicked Assortment Of Locally Seasonal Produce
  • Zest Pack - Flavors Of Your Food
  • Pesto Pack - The Punch Of Italian Cuisine
  • Exotic Pack - Rare Veggies To Try Something Continental
  • OTP Pack - Staples Of Indian Curries
  • Sunday Surprise Pack - For Easy Snacking On Sundays
  • Leafy Green Pack - Powerhouse of Lush Leafy Green Veggies
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Label Design

After coming up with the naming, it was time to work on the labels. We set the hierarchy points to highlight the name of the pack with the hero image while also providing enough information so that anyone can read and understand what the pack is all about. Also, the ingredients listed below make it easier to pick up the pack without going through the detailed philosophy behind each pack.

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Building a series of Subscription Packs which didn't have a voice to it except the ingredient sitting idle in a bag. Slapping a label on top of it added so much value to the vegetables which were picked by the Khet Direct team to provide fresh veggies every time you unpack the wrapper. PulsAero was pleased to work with Khet Direct on a journey from building the name for the brand, to building identity, packaging, interface, and launch. If you want to see the whole case study, then Click Here.

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