Khet Direct



Identity that reflects raw fresh harvest

Creating a mark that can cover all the components of a Brand is never simple, and this was no exception. With long hours of exploration, stylescape revisions, logo drafts, a defining moment happened. The Khet Direct Logo became a perfect digital blend yet connected to the roots - the soil of mother nature.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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The initial round is always a discovery round set up with the client to discuss the possible future of the brand. Building a brand from scratch is not a simple task and we went through the whole cycle of defining the brand attributes, building user-profiles, and clarifying the tone of the brand. After the discovery round, the team started exploring different variations of the type, colors and created three stylescapes that defined the direction of the whole brand.

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The users discovered during the client talks were then converted and refined into stylescapes namely Simple Shital, Manager Megha, and Mr. Sharma. All these user personas have a unique perspective of viewing the brand. It might add a step in our Brand Identity process but the results are astonishing.

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After the stylescape round, the exploration of different visual elements began. Type is one of the most critical aspects of a logo which is reflected throughout the visual language of the brand. Here, we exhausted ourselves with the typefaces and eventually went with the direction where we needed to push the brand. The typeface "Woodman" was the clear winner in it. It gave us the raw look that we wanted alongside the beautiful mark made out of Heavy weight of "D" for Direct.

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Color Palette

The colors for Khet Direct expressed the vibrancy and openness of the brand. The bold colors create a perfect harmony between the raw type and the grunge texture. The colors played a key role in making Khet Direct stand apart from the crowd.

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After the exploration phase, the final collaterals and execution materials were to be prepared. Working on Khet Direct required a lot of thought as it was needed to be presentable digitally as well as in the real world. The experience of the subscription pack had to presented via phones, hoardings, standees, and vehicles. Certainly, it took a long time to put the pieces together but the results reflected our efforts.

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Coining the brand name to building the whole visual and verbal communication for Khet Direct took a long while to reach the destination. We ticked all the boxes by studying the user and building a full-proof visual direction that led to the Khet Direct mark. All the type, color, icons, textures tied together, building an identity that our clients love and client's customers adore.

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