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Connected and reconnected Scale Beyond Scale with its audience

Scale Beyond Scale website went live and now it was time to reconnect the brand with its world. Hence, we began coordinating with Tehzeeb Lalani to roll out social media campaigns. It was a collaborative marketing effort to reinforce a singular brand goal using Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. With the 50-day course, SBS Transform, our client wanted to reach out to as many target audiences as possible. It was more of an awareness program for an obsession-free and guilt-free healthy lifestyle — and that even a diabetic can live a normal lifestyle.




DESIGNER Kanisha Jhaveri


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Social Media Campaigns

For social media campaigns, we ran several ads on different scheduled days to promote the 50-day health program. These included brand awareness campaigns, traffic campaigns, and conversion campaigns. Using our visual design expertise and compelling content, we cooked a solid recipe to attract new customers. We reached out to the existing and new target audience by adding different filters based on demographics such as age, gender, location, and interests.

There was a rising success rate of visitors coming to the website to inquire about the program. For them, we ran a retargeting ad that directed them to the specific health-program page. A number of new customers connected with the brand. We tracked the success of the paid campaigns as the initial average CPC ₹ 2.44 went down to CPC ₹ 1.18.

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Google Ads

We made Google ads strategy by keeping the focus on problem-specific banners targeting PCOD, blood sugar control, hormone balance, and healthy lifestyle. The 50-day program is a comprehensive solution for all such problems. The initial ad was aimed at increasing website traffic and generating leads. Towards the conclusion, a retargeting campaign was run on the keywords that performed well.

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Email Marketing Campaign

As part of the social campaigns, PulsAero offered an email marketing service for Scale Beyond Scale’s existing clients and connection list captured over the years. In three email sequences, we reconnected with them. In the next stage, we geared the campaign towards feedback follow up to ask for their consent to join the SBS Blog Newsletter. A few value-addition emails were also shared which helped us in gathering valuable data. The emails were also shared with the users who joined the Free 7-Day course. We provided them value through blogs and Youtube videos so that they are more likely to buy SBS 50-day course. Lastly, a few emailers were dedicated toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.

From the visuals perspective, we designed social media graphics and a wide spectrum of other brand assets. This ensured that the brand identity, imagery, color palette were consistent through Scale beyond Scale’s outreach and marketing.

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