Ice Cream brand by Army Veteran

PulsAero Walmy ice cream by army veteran

Walmy — an ice cream brand started by an army veteran, aims to provide high-quality ice cream to tier-2 & tier-3 cities/villages with mobile tricycles where it isn't easily available. When Aditya Chobe (the founder) got in touch with us, we understood his purpose & the brand's vision. We found Walmy as an amazing initiative taken by Aditya & wanted to help him present it in the right way.

PulsAero brand naming walmy

Brand naming done right

When Aditya connected with us for Walmy, he already had an identity of the brand in place. However, it wasn't up to par, and Walmy was unable to justify its vision with its visual assets. And, at the time Aditya contacted us, Walmy wasn't Walmy, it was known as 'Bounce', which was a strange name for an ice cream brand. So we helped Aditya come up with a friendly & easy to remember name, 'Walmy'.

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PulsAero rebranding walmyPulsAero brand identity walmyPulsAero create visual assetsPulsAero rebranding walmyPulsAero brand identity walmyPulsAero create visual assets

Fun Fact We started the work as pro-bono and then success came for Walmy and us.

PulsAero packaging design walmy

Aligning packaging design with brand messaging

We explored multiple directions in which Walmy's tone of voice can proceed. And, Aditya was in love with our second option. We continued building in that direction & came up with a vibrant & fresh identity that reflected Aditya's background & also the friendly nature that Walmy should have. Now the ice cream was frozen, the cones were set & we were all ready to serve. But, the only thing left was the sprinkles on top. So, we packaged all its products & created promotional materials in this new identity. And, now we were all ready to serve ice cream.

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PulsAero brand messaging walmyPulsAero brand promotional materialsPulsAero packaging design processPulsAero brand messaging walmyPulsAero brand promotional materialsPulsAero packaging design process

Fun Fact Walmy booth was featured in the music video by famous bhojpuri actor.

Here's what Aditya had to say about it:

"I was quite uncertain at first. As we were taking Walmy in a new direction. But, based upon the feedback I got I was super-confident about the work achieved by PulsAero. Everyone around me loved the way the logo looked & also our ice cream tricycles. Loved working with PulsAero."

- aditya chobe

Don't let your business go cold like that melted ice cream.

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