Created a Cohesive Brand Message with Compelling Digital Presence

Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) is the brainchild of Tehzeeb Lalani, an unconventional nutritionist, based in Mumbai, India, with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University. She entered the public health arena with her mission ‘Scale Beyond Scale’ created with a vision to help individuals realize and experience self-confidence and self-worth beyond the numbers on the weighing scale. With a thriving Nutrition and Entrepreneurship career traversing 7+ years, she has been redefining health for individuals without diets, obsessions, and guilts. With this quirky yet dynamic approach, she has transformed health and lifestyle for 300+ clients across 5 continents and in over 10+ cities in India.




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Tehzeeb’s approach to helping people rethink the fundamentals of food and health is exemplary. She crafted a 50-Day Health Program called ‘SBS Transform’ to provide a tailored nutrition guide. This 7-week journey takes individuals through a healthy transition of body, mind, and heart. But there was the need to push this online with a cohesive brand message well-integrated into a consistent and compelling digital presence. According to Tehzeeb, she approached many creative agencies but couldn’t find one that she felt is authentic, honest, and reliable. But after getting in touch with PulsAero, she could easily depend on us for everything her brand needed.

PulsAero worked closely with Tehzeeb to capture the essence of her vision and mission. This helped us in determining the right target market, setting her unique brand story in line, and presenting this effectively online.

Discovery rounds for building an ideal strategy moved ahead as we began understanding the brand as well as the health and lifestyle-related pain points of the modern consumers. Through a refined understanding of the brand’s target consumer, we began breathing new life into Scale Beyond Scale. The information we gathered led to insights that enabled us to create a robust strategy that refreshes all aspects of the brand — from its identity to its digital presence across all the channels. Tehzeeb is the face of her nutrition brand. And as she is a highly optimistic and lively spirit, we made sure her brand reflects her energetic vibes.

This project presented PulsAero with an exciting and vigorous challenge to shake up, innovate, and refresh the way users engage and consume nutritional information through strategic design and brand communication.

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Scale Beyond Scale already had a logo to represent itself. But subtle pink being the primary color, the identity felt more feminine. Plus, the brand name in black shade rested on the pink background looked dull and without much life. So, keeping the strategy as the foundation, PulsAero explored various themes, concepts, and ideas. Then, pulling a few of the existing elements into the picture, we introduced a new color that gave a comprehensive result.

We took certain elements of the previous logo and refined its form to work on a broader scale. The typeface was kept, as it had the ideal aesthetics and enough character that could melt in the visual setting required. Also, the typeface was flexible to work across small digital screens up to large printed displays.

Now, coming to the color scheme, we discovered all approachable colors across all touchpoints to build a welcoming, joyful, and personable visual language. To transition our idea into reality, we introduced Natural Mint shade as the primary color of the logo. Our mission was to create an identity for upbeat nutrition and lifestyle brand that inspires every individual through its subtle, gentle yet empowering approach. As SBS is breaking the old diet stereotypes, the new logo gave it the character and distinct personality that the brand already was. And the overall visual assets, color palette, and typography created an oasis of friendliness.

Going further, the collaboration between Scale Beyond Scale and PulsAero resulted in a new website, social campaigns, and more.

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Scale Beyond Scale required a brand new website. This was unlike the rebranding phase of refining the visual identity and everything started from the bottom up. PulsAero team began discovering the look, feel, and tone of the brand through the exploration of photography, visual assets, color palette, and user interface elements.

From the technical perspective, we built the website using our platform of choice - Webflow. With full-fledged expertise in Webflow, PulsAero knew that it’s going to be the future of websites. And hence using the web development platform, a bespoke content management system was created. Seamless navigation of relevant content for users to come and feel well-informed and confident was one of our top priorities. Hence, we went to create a simple and logical page structure with a clear call to action. Being a nutrition website, we introduced a blog corner. As Webflow is highly flexible it facilitated Tehzeeb to easily share her health and lifestyle articles with users as well as other content updates. With this platform, even the smallest changes are possible to do within no time. After testing and optimization, when the final website was ready to launch, the first impression itself gave confident, cheerful, and welcoming vibes of a nutrition expert brand.

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Given the level of competition in the health and wellness industry, driving awareness and subsequent lead generation was paramount for Scale Beyond Scale. And thus, PulsAero created engaging visual assets and relevant and relatable communication. Using the strategic combination, we engaged users and helped the brand increase its community of loyalists.

The existing social media pages of SBS were inconsistent and lacked cohesive messaging. So, our first task was to streamline all the social media pages. Tehzeeb already had a very powerful vision and mission which made the social media campaign pierce through the crowd. Her 50-Day program was at the center of this campaign. Hence, using consistently interesting visual content in the right context, we ran several Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. All the ads were focused on three main areas: PCOD, blood sugar control, and mindful eating. Each one was harmoniously distributed among these main targets for a month. The social engagement with the ad campaigns increased dramatically with CPC reaching ₹1.18.