Created a Customer-Centric Verbal & Visual Presence

Khet Direct is an Agri startup based in Ahmedabad. They have been building an innovative supply chain that will help the farmers to earn more than the traditional method and also costing less to the end customer. The subscription pack model needed to be built and the whole communication needed to be conveyed through their digital and offline presence. PulsAero built the whole brand from the ground up right from the naming, logo, communication, packaging, and building digital storefront.


Building a B2C fresh vegetable subscription service that makes the customer feel trustworthy and at the same time helping the local farming community stay profitable.


Built a brand from scratch right from the brand naming, identity, packaging, digital delivery platform for the customers in one go.







Brand Strategy

Brand Naming

Visual Communication

Brand Identity

Packaging & Print Design

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Started with our most important session of all with the client - Strategy Session. Here we listed down the key components needed to take this brand name to everyone's eyes and ears. The 2-day discovery round was tiresome, but we soon realized that the amount of work required to finish this project is going to drain our resources. But connecting the dots looking back, we achieved everything in record time.

The Discovery round brought light to many ideas. The target segments were refined. The user profiling helped the clients understand their end customers and build the Subscription packs accordingly.

Of course, their research team had done an excellent job of finding out how much amount of vegetables a person or family required. Also, their research reflected which vegetables people are likely to be purchased based on geography, age, and living standards. 6 more parameters were added to it later.

After discussing everything about the users, their core values were defined. These were paired with the Brand Attributes. This process provided meaningful insights into the bigger picture. The brand's vision, mission, and plans were taken into account.

This process provided us with clarity, and we shifted all our focus towards brand naming and each subscription pack naming.

At the end of the Strategy round, we had everything we needed to build Khet Direct from the ground up.

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Creating a mark that can cover all the components of a Brand is never simple, and this was no exception. With long hours of exploration, stylescape revisions, logo drafts - a defining moment happened. The Khet Direct Logo became a perfect digital blend yet connected to the roots - the soil of mother nature.

The initial round of any identity is a discovery round with the client where we identify for whom we are building this brand - Our Customer. The user personas were made namely - Simple Shital, Manager Megha, and Mr. Sharma reflected the majority of the audience.

The user was kept in the centerpiece for building out the stylescapes which were the extended versions of the moodboard. This exercise is done to get us and the client on the same page.

So, Khet Direct went for Mr. Sharma with the Minimalism of Simple Shital. And that's it. We took everything that we learned from the Discovery round to apply to our Logo, right from the type choice to color combinations that reflected the best for our users.

The mark needed to be strong and straight as a bullet and that's what we did by presenting them the options which reflected the best of all our endless explorations.

Eventually, Khet Direct went for a strong Logotype paired with a Digital yet the raw mark of "D" with a direct arrow on top-right.

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The identity was the reflection of the whole brand. That identity was to be shaped into the marketing armors namely "Packaging". The packaging of Khet Direct had to be out of the ordinary thought process as the packs needed to be made with a hard paper bag to protect the vegetables from any dust. It brought a challenge which was resolved here by building a menu shaped labels which can be easily attached to the paper bags, made from eco-friendly paper.

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Now comes the digital storefront of Khet Direct. Everything that we created in the Identity needed to reflect in the Digital World. Building it from the ground up, we customized the whole e-commerce ecosystem for Khet Direct. Every element of the website could distinguish itself as Khet Direct pieces. As much as the front-end reflected Khet Direct's philosophy, so did the back-end. Each order information is fetched into the array of scripts which helps us to manage the inventory side of things.

The user interface paired with the strong back-end management made Khet Direct a promising place to get the fresh veggies. The perfect blend between the crisp interactions and algorithms managing the supply chain made it possible for Khet Direct.

The packs paired with the seasonal veggies changed every couple of months. Along with it, the pricing was never constant. It all-together made it a complex system.

The solution was to manage everything from a custom made inventory management system that helped them to track and fulfill the order on time.

Getting extraordinary experience for each pack became one of the major factors for the success of this website.

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After building everything, it's time to launch everything. First time the customers would interact with the brand through their digital devices. The soft launch done amongst the early customers was quite enthusiastic. We hit the excepted numbers by the end of first week. After the early adopters gave their blessings, the key moment came.

Connecting all the dots, the campaign took off and made us proud. Solving the problems like on-time delivery, fresh harvested veggies, cost & time saving, and precise pack quantity helped our customer to order the multi-dimensional pack range. Each pack is now solving a specific problem for the customers.

We crafted the launch strategy in a way that thrives through user’s unspoken needs and expectations. To ensure maximum user engagement, we followed a highly tactical approach and grabbed every opportunity available to us to create tailor-made advertising campaigns.

We expanded our expertise throughout the launch so that the subscription packs make an impact on their audience’s mind even long after the initial launch.