A three-dimensional shift in perspective for a traditional artist

Chromomatrix - A virtual 3D art gallery

Chromomatrix — is an extension of Erik (the founder), where he creates unique art creations using his own art style called “Omni Vortex in Ven©️tor” & “Omni Vortex in Vector”. And, looking at his unique art style, we found potential in Chromomatrix, so we crafted a precise & creative launch.

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Chromomatrix - Art gallery visual communication

Taking visual communication to the next level

When Erik got in touch with us, the pandemic had hit. And, the art galleries and studios were shut down. So, Erik was quite concerned about how he could take his creations digital, and provide the same prime experience to the viewers as they would get in real life. We took it upon us to challenge ourselves into creating exactly what Erik had envisioned.

The challenge led us to create something we had never created before — a virtual 3D art gallery. As this quest took many turns and the tech(three.js) helped us a lot to make things achievable which seemed impossible in the beginning.

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Chromomatrix - Art in placesChromomatrix - Art AR technologyChromomatrix - Erik's creationsChromomatrix - Art in placesChromomatrix - Art AR technologyChromomatrix - Erik's creations

Fun Fact It took long hours between the logical brain(three.js & webflow) and creative brain(blender) to talk with each other.

Chromomatrix - Content marketing

A unique approach for marketing strategy

The guns were loaded. And, we were ready to go to war. But, we needed a battle plan. Keeping Erik's creations at the centre of our strategy, we crafted a unique way of approaching the market.

We created NFTs' (Non-Fungible Token) of Erik's creations & marketed them to prime art collectors across the globe. And, with an aligned vision to grow, we also created & spread different types of content like blogs, podcasts, informing videos of Erik's creations & many more on various platforms.

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Chromomatrix - Precise & creative launchChromomatrix - PR articleChromomatrix - Content marketingChromomatrix - Precise & creative launchChromomatrix - PR articleChromomatrix - Erik's creations

Fun Fact 3 months of pure development work started with a steep challenges yet the team made erik's dream a reality.

Chromomatrix - Art showcasing reimagined

Art showcasing reimagined with brand storytelling

When was the last time you went to a museum or an art gallery? Not anytime soon, right? We usually consider art, as a piece of décor. But, did you know that art has the power to heal your mental health? Recent studies prove that a trip to an art gallery or a museum can help reduce anxiety, stress & depression. And, Erik's creations were created on this exact motive of helping people heal. So, we were hell-bent on spreading this message to as many people as possible. And, we did exactly that — successfully.

84% who participated in at least 4 art-related activities reported good health.

We successfully launched Chromomatrix & reached many people with our message of healing by art. Also, most importantly, provided Erik with an on-the-go gallery of his personal art. And delivering the same prime experience of viewing art virtually as you would in real life using AR (Augmented Reality).

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Chromomatrix - View art virtually using ARChromomatrix - Art style in ARChromomatrix - Unique 3D art galleryChromomatrix - View art virtually using ARChromomatrix - Art style in ARChromomatrix - Unique 3D art gallery

Fun Fact Storing & hosting all 200+ AR & Gallery assets only cost us additional $5/month on Google cloud.

Here's what Erik had to say about it:

"I must say you did a marvellous work with the ads, publishing so much information in so many media channels and the design and quality were amazing. You took the whole healing and teaching business to another level. I'm so grateful for it."

- erik kucera

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