Dec 28, 2021

Why natural sound plays a big role for brands & customers

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Why natural sound plays a big role for brands?

When you are fed up with the hustle and bustle of your urban life, what do you love to do? Escape to the countryside...or perhaps the wilderness. That’s the answer we get from urbanites. But do you wonder why we long so much for the escape? The biggest difference is sound. The urban side overwhelms your hearing sense with noises. And the countryside satisfies your sense with the serenity of ‘natural sounds.’ The rustling of the trees, the gentle burbling of the river, and amidst these soothing sounds the chirping of birds - these natural sounds penetrate deep into our body and mind and help us relax.

For instance, researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School found that natural sounds affect the bodily systems that control flight-or-fright and rest-digest autonomic nervous systems.

The creative advertising community has been using the power of natural sounds in making a lasting impact through their marketing campaigns.But this is just half of the story. When it comes to marketing, there are many more versions of natural sounds that work phenomenally in videos. Their presence speaks much much more than words. And that’s what this space will take you through!

Creating in-house natural sounds

Sound is the key aspect of an ad or a film. We often remember certain movies due to their unmatchable score. That’s because movie makers use music to penetrate deep into the human mind and heart through emotions. Some sounds make us sad, some happy and a few others bring alive the adventurer in you. The same approach is adopted by ad makers to attract a target audience and create a connection with them in a less than a 1-minute movie.

Now, in this section, ‘natural sound’ is about the original background sound that is recorded with the video. No matter what the surroundings are - a forest or a factory. However, this particular sound engineering inclines more towards the context of the latter.

Many brands have mastered leveraging the environment and naturally creating sounds by combining them with over the top visual design. This unique application of sound can truly help a brand or it’s product/service to easily stand out in the crowd.

Watch the example...

One such beautiful example of naturally created sound was set by Borosil, a leading manufacturer of glass products in India. From the 1-minute video, you can see how the brand effectively used the sounds of their own glass products to produce the rhythm of the national anthem. They amalgamated the efforts of employees with the sentiment of the national anthem to create powerful sound and motion. Perhaps, this marketing effort clearly showed that Borosil is a brand that cares for its employees.

Borrowing the music of nature

Now, this is what we were discussing at the beginning of the blog post. The natural sounds of nature. If your brand mixes acoustically diverse sounds of nature with relevant visual design, it can reach a new level of creative communication altogether.

From the wild…

We explored one of the most incredible natural sounds used in a video of Olympic National Park: If the wilderness could speak, what would it say? This video proves that wilderness doesn’t just say but sings. The slightest sound made by a snail to the buzzing of the bees and gushing of rivers has been captured beautifully to showcase the most acoustically diverse wilderness areas of America. In fact, this video has clearly defined how the music of the winds amidst the mountains...until how the ‘space’ beyond us sounds like.

Depending on the relevance, a brand can apply a single natural sound or a mixture of different natural sounds. As far as the Olympic National Park’s ad is concerned, they created it to preserve the unique and endangered resource i.e the natural sound.

Lose yourself in the sound of this video to feel the impact.

Using the art of Foley music

What if it is not possible to go into the wild to capture the most unique sounds of nature? Well, it is actually not possible most of the time. So, that’s why Foley music came into being. The name of the art of sound has been given after the first sound artist Jack Foley who pioneered the technique. It’s about mimicking natural sounds by producing them inside a recording studio during post-production - in synchrony with the visuals. The aim of applying this method is to enhance the audio experience for the audience.

Otherwise, isolating a song of a particular bird or animal from the ambient noise during the filming in the wild is a great challenge for sound recordists. And it is not possible to record quite a lot of natural sounds in the field in sync with the animal action. For example, it would be extremely difficult to record the footsteps of a bear as it treads through the jungle. Therefore, brands who need to create ads in the wild turn to foley sound engineers or sound designers to recreate the same soundtrack that is true to nature.

This video gives a clear understanding of how Foley music is produced - most fascinatingly.

PulsAero Plays With Different Sounds

PulsAero is home to creative minds who love experimenting with creativity that logically fits the needs of a brand. We experiment with the art of creative communication, sound and motion to provide our client’s customers with a memorable experience.

Sounds appeal to the human brain more profoundly than visuals. It takes the front seat when it comes to experiencing any kind of visuals.  And when natural sounds are applied to brand messaging clearly, it only elevates the concept of advertising campaigns.

At times, brands take the amalgam of visuals and sound so much for granted that they lose their purpose and go unnoticed. Effective use of natural sounds is a huge possibility for the future. It can be at the heart of your campaigns. Or the sound itself can be the idea that sparks influence in your marketing efforts.

However, you cannot compromise with the execution of both sounds and visuals as they go hand in hand. And for that PulsAero is here to convey the best of both worlds to your audience.

Hope you experienced the magic while watching the videos :)

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